Missed A Delivery?

Arrange A Redelivery

Sorry we missed you!

Sometimes our drivers can't make a successful and safe delivery, so we've got a few different options available for you to get in contact and arrange a re-delivery. Our driver should have left a card similar to the below which will help us, help you quicker. 



Before getting in touch, please make sure you have your delivery reference along with the name and address on the shipping label. 


Call Us

The quickest and easiest way to arrange a re-delivery is to just give us a call; have your delivery reference or job number ready to go and give our friendly local staff a call on 1300 063 410



Q: Why was my delivery not left in a safe place?

Sometimes we can't identify a safe place (or don't have permission) to leave your package. When you contact us, if you're not going to be home the next day but can provide a suitable safe location for our drivers to leave your items we can ask them to leave it safely.

Q: How quickly can I get my re-delivery?

Usually we can offer a next business day delivery for you, but during peak times (such as approaching Christmas) or periods of disruption due to poor weather it might take a day or two longer. Our friendly staff can help with specifics when you contact us.

Q: Can I arrange a delivery to a different address than the one on the shipping label, like my work?

Yes, where we have permission from our client to do so, we can arrange to deliver to a suitable alternative location within the metro region. 

Q: Can I come and collect my delivery from your depot?

Typically due to OH&S issues we aren't allowed to have visitors on-site at our warehouse, but if you live near our depot you might be able to arrange with our warehouse staff to collect it directly from them at the depot.

This is only possible where our staff have the time to come out and assist you so please ask in advance if you think this might suit you.

Q: I've had an unhappy experience with my delivery, and want to lodge a complaint, how do I do this?

We're sorry it didn't go as smoothly as you'd like, and we always want to hear from our receivers if they've not had an acceptable experience with their delivery to help improve what we do.

If you want to get in contact it's best to send an email to complaints@couriers.com.au with the details so we can investigate further and make sure it doesn't happen again in future.